Transformational Retreat

Transformational Retreat

This event is an interactive, live event where you will learn transformational skills that can change your life and reconnect with the version of you that you were born to be.

You can transform your life, make an impact, and live the life you want.

This may seem far-fetched right now BUT it is possible.

What you need is to know the “HOW” to be able to live the life you want.

There are people who grew up in a similar situation as you, had forward momentum, and lived a life that would make you excited to wake up every day.

This is why The Wholly You Transformational Retreat is a life-changing event that you are being called to be a part of to step into who you were called to be.

In this 3-day retreat, you will experience the process that will help you make a transformation that will have an impact in your life and business.

To live the life you always want, you must have the skills that are aligned with your values. Having a deeper transformation from within will give you the forward momentum to live an inspirational life.

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25th – 27th July 2022

Browns Lake, Burlington WI

If you said ‘YES’ to any of these questions, come and join us at The Wholly You Transformational Retreat where we will share how you can be the best version of yourself and live the life you’ve always wanted.

The Wholly You Transformational Retreat is a 3-day retreat on July 25 to July 27, 2022, where you will spend your time on a serene Wisconsin lake and wholly immerse into change so you can show up in the world the authentic you.

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In this 3-day transformational retreat, you will learn:

This event is for women who are looking for connection to other like-minded successful women, ready for massive transformation, open to being vulnerable in order to reach their full potential, and deserving of three full days of fun, connection, transformation and rejuvenation.

Here’s what people say about

Sharon and Caryn

I have really got to know Sharon and have been privileged enough to attend some of her events (I am not a person who goes along to events) and I wasn’t too sure about the whole thing but when I went to her event I was truly amazed at how real she is. How personal she is, and how much Sharon cares about people and helping them in their business to succeed. I took away many great ideas and helpful information to help me in my business which I have implemented. These events are fun, really fun, you are not looking at your watch thinking is it time to go yet? You really do want to hear more of what Sharon has to say. I am a person who can switch off easily and this didn’t happen at her event. I didn’t want to miss anything she had to say and share with us.

-Andrea Welsh

I highly recommend Caryn to anyone looking to improve their life professionally and personally. I initially came to her for business coaching and ended up gaining so much more than just that. It’s incredible the gift she has to connect with people and help them in their own self discovery. My experience with her has transformed my life and relationships.


I found Sharon Jurd and from that very moment, I could not believe her duty of care. She followed through on absolutely everything that she had said she would do. I don’t mind spending as long as I get value and I got more than I thought I would ever get and I just want to say thank you so much Sharon.

-Tracey Fincham

Truly inspiring day. Definitely know I am in the right place with this course! Caryn, your dedication to our development and moving ourselves/our business forward is the Extra value. I keep saying/writing my contract over and over. Simple... yet powerful! Life changing.

-Joy Hoffman

I took action with Sharon Jurd. After only a few short months, I found her life-changing. These past few months have been absolutely transformational for me. What was really transformational for me was the lifetime of money blocks when it came to selling was absolutely decimated. Sharon develops who you are therefore increasing your income, attracting your ideal clients, getting to know the right circles to network in, developing better relationships and so much more

-Donna Ferguson

Caryn, you are always so inspirational and you give us the confidence to be great entrepreneurs, the other day was no different. For me personally, the most value came from discussing blocks and creating contracts. It helped me identify what has been holding me back, and the contract is helping me hold myself accountable to get over these blocks.

-Jordan Bloom
We only want to deliver this great content to people who are a right fit for this transformational experience. We want genuine attendees who are ready to make a change/step up in their life and business.

Who is this event for?

Who is this event not for?

Our goal is to help rejuvenate, inspire, and transform you to become empowered in building an impactful future for yourself.

We want you to make your mark and show your uniqueness to the world, inspiring more people to grow and become the best version of themselves.

Don’t be the only person who misses this mega event!

It will be life changing

By joining the retreat, you will receive:

At the end of the 3-day retreat, you will:

During the 3-day retreat, your ticket access will include a morning and afternoon tea, lunch, dinner, and your accommodation. We will also have amazing drinks! Not only will you learn transformational skills that will help you have the best life possible, we will also have time to bond and build meaningful and deeper connections with one another.

Hi there,

Sharon and Caryn here.

The change you have been wishing for is only one click away.

Join us in the 3-day retreat on July 25 to July 27, 2022.

We look forward to getting to know the whole you at the retreat!

Sharon Jurd

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About Caryn

Caryn Bird is the founder of the Win With Hypnosis clinic in Burlington, Wisconsin. She is the leading Peak Performance Mindset Coach in the Chicago Tri-state area. Caryn is well-known as the ‘Game Changer Trainer’ for her ability to produce high performers with a mental edge. Ever since Caryn was young, she set her heart on working in the mental health space. She hopes to inspire others to live their best authentic selves. While Caryn was on her way to become an international hypnosis speaker and trainer, she took a Psychology degree and founded Win With Hypnosis. Caryn has helped over 2000 athletes and high-performers reach their peak performance.

About Sharon

Sharon Jurd is the founder of SMJ Coaching Institute. Sharon is an internationally highly-sought after coach, speaker, and best-selling author. She is also a successful businesswoman in Australia, owning the leading air conditioning service franchising company globally. Sharon’s life changed at the age of 29 after she had a debilitating stroke. During her recovery, Sharon uncovered a whole new way of gaining control over her life. Over time she designed her business to grow fast, stand the test of time and flourish even without her being there. She has helped coaches, speakers, business owners, and many more build fast growing businesses and live the life they always wanted to live.